Monday, August 31, 2009

Each other

I saw the movie Julie and Julia last night with my sister-in-law, Melissa. I loved it...I kept poking her all the way through, whenever Julie's husband Eric would say something, and whisper, "That's just what Rob would say..."

And it was true. This movie reminded me a great deal of my own marriage. The husbands of both Julie Powell and Julia Child were supportive, encouraging, and incredibly loving of their wives. They were each others' best friends. Both on-screen couples clearly adored each other, loved spending their time together, and were madly, crazily in love--even in the case of Julia and Paul Child, who clearly had been married quite some time.

And, sometimes, the wives acted like they didn't have the time to be married, and ignored their husbands and said things that hurt them. Sometimes the husbands forgot that they promised to support their wives even when it was hard. Sometimes their marriages, like everyone else's, wasn't perfect...but they loved each other, and came back, and worked through it, even when it was hard.

I really liked this movie.

We're entering another of those never-seeing-each-other weeks. Fortunately though, most of our work schedules are the same, though we're at different agencies this week. Rob's at North Seneca tomorrow at midnight to noon Wednesday, and I'm at Schuyler midnight tomorrow till 7pm Wednesday night. Tonight, Robbie came home after having not slept for over twenty-four hours(people need ambulances at ridiculous times of the night, usually for something like ear pain or an abscessed tooth), so I sent him to bed after dinner(he didn't complain much). I'm heading there myself...I had a long workday myself and an early morning, and who knows if I'll sleep tomorrow night.

So I get to go crawl into bed next to my best friend--and sharing a night together is not something we can ever take for granted, because it happens so rarely--and know that, even if sometimes we aren't perfect, I will always be his wife, and he will always be my husband. Even when we're tired, even when we have only a few waking hours together, even when the nights are long, the days are grueling, and the pager is never quiet--at the end of all that, at some point, we will always come home to each other.