Sunday, August 30, 2009

This week's fun

To do list for this week:


Work 0800-1630
Mail books
Use strawberries for dinner before they go bad
Clean out refrigerator
Gather garbage

Make sure garbage gets set out for trash collection
School 0730-1500
Remember to get parking sticker
Scrub bathroom
Fold laundry in bedroom

Work midnight to 7pm
Meeting at work, 7:30pm
Sweep floors

School, 0730-1230
Mop floors
Meeting at fire department, 7:30pm


Mail books
Straighten book shelves
Make grocery list and go grocery shopping
Fold laundry and put away
School, 1200-1450

Not sure yet. I'm sure it will get filled. In fact, I think I have something, I just don't remember what it was

Work 0800-1630

So that is my fun week. In between this, Rob starts another job per diem as a paramedic at an agency about thirty miles away. He is now working his full time job as well as two per diem jobs. But as he said, while I'm in nursing school, he might as well pick up a second and third job, as I'm not home, and he hates to sit home alone.

Homework is ridiculous. Only in paramedic school did I have this much homework before; and I wasn't trying to deal with a million hour a week plus on call job, husband, house, and two ADHD kittens on top of it. But I'm glad I'm doing this; the more I work around the hospitals the more I truly want to get my RN. Maybe it would have been easier ten years ago, but I now have a wealth of other knowledge and experience that can only serve to help me. And, honestly, I probably never would have gotten my EMT-P if I had been a nurse for the last however many years. I might have gotten my basic, but I doubt I ever would have gone on for my medic.

So my husband sleeps, gearing up to go into work at night till midnight, and I have to go find my uniform and make sure I didn't mess it up too badly yesterday, since I haven't had a chance to do uniform washing in a while. And then I think I'm just going to go to bed...morning comes soon enough.