Tuesday, September 8, 2009

You know you're married to a firefighter when...

You know you're married to a firefighter-paramedic when:

You can unplug the toilet, fix the refrigerator leak, and handle the cat being run over by a car, all by yourself--since your husband is halfway through a 36 hour shift.

You hide the candles, lighters and matches a half hour before your husband is supposed to get home from work.

You're used to eating meatloaf while watching someone get a chest tube on Trauma 911.

You have more portable radios and scanners in your house than shoes.

You text your husband to see if frozen pizzas are okay for dinner, and he texts back, 10-4.

You have a smoke detector in every room, including the bathroom, and two in the kitchen.

You don't dare eat out when your husband is working, because you have severe allergic reactions to seafood, and really don't want your husband being the paramedic showing up to treat you.

You can wash, dry, and iron a uniform in twenty minutes.

Your husband greets the waiter with, "Nice veins. I bet I could get a 16 in there."


Life More Simply said...

I like.

Trina said...


Miss Shiloh said...

Those are so funny! My Daddy's a fireman!! :)

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

And I thought I was the only woman who got complimented on her veins! LOL! I love it!

I can identify with the candle thing, too. My FF just walks over and blows them out everytime he comes across one. I finally gave up. My mom came to my rescue with these really nifty battery operated candles. They look real and they have timers on them. I love having "candles" again.

Great post!

Kerilyn said...

Hi there. My name is Kerilyn Russo. I am the creator and resident life coach of Married to a Chef, supporting significant others in the restaurant industry. I wrote a post recently and think wives of policemen and firemen can definitely relate. While it's not the same exactly, we still have so many things in common.


I've always thought we need to stick together.

:) Kerilyn