Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some more wedding pictures

We are flying to Atlanta tomorrow, and where is my husband? Out running ambulance calls.

Oh well...I am packed, at least, and I will take this opportunity to give you even more wedding photos. :-)

For those reading my blog who are a bit confused, Robbie and I married in a private ceremony at home on March 7th with only immediate family present. I always wanted to be married at home, and circumstances just arose that made it not only possible, but prudent(no, not pregnancy). We still had the date booked at Hill Top Inn for July 25th, though, and couldn't get our money back, so we decided to have a large renewal of the vows on that day.

So here are some more pictures from July. The professional ones are up, we're just waiting for the CD containing them so I can upload. They're beautiful, I promise. I think it's the Hokey Pokey.