Thursday, May 26, 2011

Off air

You may not hear from me too much the next few weeks, if for no other reason that my internet at home doesn't work and nobody is around much to fix it.
Besides that, we've:

--Been really, super busy with work.  Rob is working 80 plus hours a week and I'm clocking in next week with 50.  We're hoping it's an anomaly and things will slow down soon, but we're so short paramedics at work right now that I'm not holding my breath.

--Cleaning up after a 125-guest birthday party for Josh over the weekend.  Yeah, if we're going to do it, we do it big. (Pictures will eventually come, but I'm typing this at the library where I can't put pictures on)

--Had a young man who had no place else to go move in with us, and I've been busy playing social worker coordinator, hooking him up with community services through Catholic Charities and the county who can help him out.  Our goal is to get him into his own apartment in the next few months, but till then, he's living in the downstairs bedroom.

--Interviewed for a new job today.  It would be 2 days a week, 16/hours a week 8-4pm.  The plus side is that I would love working there, it is 911 paramedic service only, and the schedule would be wonderful.  The downside is that I would be working Sunday and Thursday, and those are Rob's days off.  But I would be home in the evenings, so we could still see each other(I would leave my current job or at least cut back to 8 hours a week)

--Remodeling.  Always, always, remodeling.

So that is what we've been up to.  We keep praying that life will slow down, but until we figure out exactly how to do may not hear from me much right now.