Thursday, April 7, 2011


So we're settling in.  My husband is working, on average, 81 hours a week(that's part for the course at the company he works for--a mandatory work week is 57 hours and there is always extra overtime shifts they want you to pick up), but I was familiar with this company long before he applied, and knew what we were getting into.  The benefits, particularly the health insurance, is great, as is the pay, and we have much to be thankful for.  It is hard to adjust to going from having my husband home five days a week to be a borderline single mom, especially with both Josh and I sick with bronchitis for the third time this winter, but we're making it.  Frankly, in this economy, we are both grateful for good jobs and that we don't have to worry about money.

I stayed working about 20 hours a week, which is two days.  Some weeks, like next week, I picked up a few more hours, but I think we've found a good balance with a 20 hour workweek.  Especially with Rob gone most of the week, we think Josh needs a parent around more often.  

And it hasn't been too bad.  My house is clean and Josh and I have read lots of books, spent hours rolling a ball back and forth, played with his farmhouse, and I've watched as he discovers that he really can stand on his own.  I'm looking forward to summer and all I have planned for Josh and I--walks, time at the park, trips to the zoo, time on the lake in the boat, maybe some trips to the swimming pool at the state park when it's warm enough.

We've found our balance.  Josh is loving day care, and I'm loving having five days a week with him all to myself.  Rob enjoys his job and doesn't mind 80 hour work weeks, and since I grew up with a father who traveled extensively for work, this feels more comfortable to me than a husband who's home a lot. 
This works for us. 
And we're grateful.