Monday, April 25, 2011

Joshua love

I love the way you smile at me in the mornings, peeking your little head over the crib rail, trying to maneuver your face through the rails to give me a good morning kiss. 
I love the way I get to scoop you out of your crib and you wrap your chubby baby arms around my neck, planting a drooly, morning breath kiss on my neck before laying your head down on my shoulder and popping a thumb into your mouth.  I love the way we crawl into my bed after changing your diaper and you pull the comforter over yourself, and then throw it off so dramatically and giggle, wating for me to say peekaboo.

I love the way you flip over when I'm changing your diaper and try to crawl away, naked, as fast as you can.
I love the way you know when I'm not feeling well and you pat my head and give me hugs before scampering away to play with another toy.
I loved the look on your face yesterday when you saw your Easter basket and the lego truck Grandma got you, and how you wrapped your arms around the plush Winnie-The-Pooh and wouldn't let go.
I loved how you giggled at Daddy so hard you tipped yourself over when he tried to put on your Buzz Lightyear ball cap.

I love dancing around the living room with you.

You'll be a year old in a few weeks.  You have a vocabulary of five words, and offended a lady last week by pointing at her chihauhau and yelling, "kitty!"  You love Riley, our golden retriever, and any time that Mommy or Daddy gets down on the floor and plays blocks with you.
We dance.
We sing.
We read That's not my monkey eleven thousand times.

And I treasure every moment, because I know tomorrow, you'll be big and want to go driving and not hang out with me.
So for today, I look forward to every morning, finding you peering over the rail, a big toothy smile spread across your face.


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

So sweet! He sounds adorable. God has blessed you so much!