Sunday, January 16, 2011


Rob and I were told last week that we were two of the three paramedics at work chosen to go take this class.  It is a higher certification that paramedic; we will be trained specifically for transporting critically ill patients.  We will have a much broader and greater scope of practice, which means that we can carry and use many more medications, use more complicated equipment and other interesting things.  On the upside, it certainly gives us something to do, an $1100 bonus a piece for earning the certification, an hourly raise and other such interesting things.  On the downside, the next 3 months are going to be busy, stressful, and difficult.

Plus I am continuing to work full time hours, and some hours at Rob's work have opened up and he is back to his usual overtime, at least for a few weeks.  Admist all of this, we've made the decision to put Joshua into day care twice a week, at least temporarily.  We're just not going to be home, and it's unfair to expect our parents to watch him so much a week.  It's a brand new day care opening up, and there's actually no other children yet, so Josh will still get the one-on-one attention that he loves.  Since he is only part time, we've made the agreement that once the day care fills up, we'll pull him out so that we're not taking a full time infant's spot.  But I think we're good at least through April, and then maybe we can hire one of my sisters as a part time nanny.

So if you don't hear from me much the next 3 months, it's just because there is a lot going on.  We're going to be busy for the next 11 weeks, but it's a good busy.   We're looking forward to the challenge.