Monday, November 29, 2010

Sleep, baby Josh

Josh is sleeping.

Or maybe not.
He's in his pack and play, playing and yelling occasionally.  He's exhausted, but I can't convince him to let go and go to sleep.  My fault--I let him have a late afternoon nap so I could do some things around the house.  I'm in the middle of my annual minimalist longings again, where I walk around my house with a box and find things I don't want anymore.  I always get rid of more than I should, and find out a few months later that I really did need whatever-it-was, and buy another one.
So far I've sold my LG Chocolate Touch, working on selling an Ipod, and sorting through baby clothes to sell on Ebay.  And tomorrow I get rid of my gall bladder.

I'm not thrilled about surgery.  I have a hard time with anesthetic--I don't come out of it well.  Hopefully tomorrow is just a peaceful sleep, they don't have trouble intubating(my husband says he will come do it if there's any problem), and I wake up when it's time to wake up.
On the other hand, the alternative is pancreatitis, which I absolutely don't want.  So surgery before my pancreas becomes any more inflamed is necessary.

But...blah.  Four weeks off work(Christmas time isn't a great time to be off work, but fortunately I already bought most of the presents), recovery, pain, all that yucky stuff.

I just keep telling myself that I will be able to eat again, and not wake up so nauseous, and sleep through the night because my back will stop hurting.

So this is all tomorrow morning.  Until then...Josh, Mommy loves you, but please, please go to sleep.