Saturday, August 28, 2010

Josh at 3 months

I love you, lovely baby. I love watching you grow--finding your thumb, sucking your toes, blowing bubbles, laughing all the time. I never imagined I would have such an easy baby. I never imagined I would be greeted in the morning by a huge smile spreading across your face when you saw me, or that you would be the happiest, most content baby I have ever met. You make me want to have a dozen of you.
Daddy and I enjoyed camping with you this weekend. Watching your little face when we brought you into bed with us and cuddled on a lazy Friday morning. Feeling your wet sloppy kisses on my cheek, your little arms wrapping themselves around my neck. I loved having three days when work didn't call 26 times, when nobody needed me to do anything or go anywhere, three days where all I had to do was play with you. Daddy and I loved it.

You're growing so big so quickly. You've been rolling over since you were two weeks old, but now you're trying so hard to push yourself into a sitting position, and when I'm not looking, you scooch yourself all over the living room. You're in love with your mobile that plays above your crib, and you've recently decided that you'd much rather watch that for a while and then roll over on your tummy and suck your thumb and fall asleep, instead of letting Mommy rock you and feed you till you drift off. You're three months old and already asserting your independence. You're sleeping through the night, now, too, eight or ten hours stretches of time where you sleep, and then when you wake up, you want your diaper changed quickly and then you want to play for a while. You've established your own routine and schedule with little thought to the one Mommy might want. I like this in you. I want you to be independent and strong and assertive.

Oh my beautiful little one, you bring us so much joy every moment. We can't wait to watch you grow up into the man I know you'll be.