Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Baby update

We saw the baby this week. It looks like a baby now, instead of a blobby mass. We watched as it twisted and turned, rolled end over end. The doctor had a hard time catching the baby still enough for long enough to measure. My baby has two arms, and two legs, and a little head, and we watched as it sucked its thumb, which we have captured on the ultrasound pictures.

And we started making the decisions regarding prenatal testing; being me, I want everything under the sun, and early, so that if something were to be wrong, we would still be early enough in the pregnancy that appropriate decisions could be made. But in the end, we picked and chose through the prenatal testing(nothing invasive, unless a marker shows up regarding some form of birth defect), and made an appointment for December, and walked out with the doctor's confidence that this pregnancy will end in a healthy, beautiful baby.

My due date did change, though, to June 3rd, which is a little more in line with my dates. So I am 12 weeks pregnant, almost done with the first trimester. The nausea has lifted somewhat, though occasionally at night I still throw up if I haven't gotten a nap in. The tiredness and soreness is gone, too, so I'm getting back to exercising and school and keeping my house clean. And, of course, back to work...


Life More Simply said...

what does this mean: "we would still be early enough in the pregnancy that appropriate decisions could be made" regarding testing? Most of the stuff they test for, you can't change...

and if something did show up, doing any invasive testing is risky, and again, I'm not sure there's anything you'd be able to change.