Wednesday, October 14, 2009

All will be well

So we are buying a house. At least, we put an offer in, but as there are no other offers, and we actually offered just below the selling price, and it's a short sale, we'll probably be home owners in a few months.
It's a nice house, small and needs some work. 2 bedrooms, with a bonus room with low ceilings that we will quickly turn into a bedroom; 1 full bath and 1 half bath, which will also quickly be changed, and a large, new kitchen. It has a den, living room and dining room, as well as a large yard and wrap around deck. I have plans for that wrap around deck--it involves a hot tub. Upstairs there is a porch off of the master bedroom, as well as a small porch downstairs in the front of the house. It's in a better school district, which makes me feel better about the prospects of kindergarten in a few years.

It's not super big, but it's just right for us right now, and with a quick bit of work, could last us many years if we wanted--or we'll be able to sell it at a good profit a few years down the road.
It's a good thing.

We saw the baby's heartbeat the other day. This drops my miscarriage chance to 4% now that the baby has a detectable heartbeat on ultrasound. It is so strange to think of another person growing inside me; I haven't quite wrapped my head around it yet. The baby just looks like a little string bean on the ultrasound, it will be several more weeks before it starts to look like a baby. And I know it's not even a fetus yet, really, and has no real shape to it, and just kind of resembles a blob--but it's going to be my baby.

So that's life right now; Rob's off to work tonight for a 24, then I'm into work for pretty much a 72 with a few hour breaks here and there on Friday. And school is becoming more and more difficult to keep up with, between house buying and work and nausea and doctor's appointments and sheer exhaustion. Fortunately next semester I will only be taking one class--if I had known I was going to be pregnant this semester, I wouldn't be taking three right now as it is.

But all will be well.