Monday, June 29, 2009

See you again

i fell for you knowing
i would have to let you go
knowing some things,
like duty, and loyalty, and service
require sacrifice, even when that
giving is each other.

i knew all along that the
vows we have made to serve and protect
are as sacred
as the vows we have made to each other.

and everyone talks about sacrifice
like they know what it is
meanwhile i miss
the scent of your skin on the pillow
fingertips brushing my lips
your hands encircling mine

many waters cannot quench love
neither can flames overtake it
it does not drown in the ocean
and miles and miles do not
tear it apart

all this i know, and
i still believe the greatest gift we
can give to community and country
is ourselves,
but even so,

i cannot wait to see you again.